Providing a Business-first Approach to Operational Security Solutions

Assessment / Consulting Services

MKACyber provides SOC assessments, high-touch managed SOC services and CISO advisory and collaboration support capabilities, arming its customers with best-in-class solutions that address the most pressing cybersecurity needs from the executive team to technical staffs. Our core offerings include:

  • Training
  • Tooling Support
  • SOC Improvement
  • SOC Assessment

Managed SOC Service Provider

MKACyber is leading the transformation of SOC from the traditional reactive eyes on glass approach to a holistic integrated high touch methodology that integrates threat, vulnerability and attack information to understand the risk to your mission, so you can prioritize responses appropriately.

Acting as your SOC or enabling your SOC, MKACyber leverages our holistic approach to allow you to be proactive about security – arming the defensive architecture based on threat intelligence and actual attacks detected so you are not constantly responding to the same attacks over and over again.

The W@tchTower™

High-touch, Virtual Security Operations Platform

Developed with over 35 years of technical cybersecurity experience in both public and private sectors, The W@tchTower is cloud-hosted and high-touch, providing you with a repeatable and automated security program, by using your systems and data to analyze, detect and manage incident, threat, hygiene and risk activities.

The W@tchTower uses a use case-based methodology, allowing you to implement a holistic approach fusing threat intelligence relevant to your environment. Threat Analysis, Content Development, Security Monitoring and Hunting make-up the threat-centric SOC approach of the platform. Manage your security architecture content and hygiene when it is a threat – not an incident. With The W@tchTower you can deploy a data-driven and consistent metrics- based SOC process, enabling faster remediation, and more reliable and comprehensive detection.

An Efficient, Extensible Cost-effective SOC Methodology

  • Eliminate IT silos to more effectively respond to threats and incidents
  • Better manage your security architecture content and hygiene
  • Reduce SOC analysts time in vulnerability management and incident response
  • Decrease costs by increasing staff capacity and effectiveness
  • Articulate your risk with centralized, tailored workflows, metrics, reporting and dashboards in terms that the executive level can truly understand

MKACyber helps enterprise and federal organizations break down IT Security silos, reduce costs and improve visibility