Understanding the threats

Detecting the Attacks

Security Architecture

Vulnerability Management

Policy and Compliance

Understanding the threats

Rich analysis from both external and internal intelligence allows MKA to inform, educate, detect and mitigate against current threats and attacks through the use of highly skilled analysts and state of the art tools.

Detecting the Attacks

Providing clear visibility to all traffic with a rich understanding of that traffic, the applications, users and data that are normal for the business. Identifying traffic that is abnormal and understanding the attacks and campaigns. Developing mitigation strategies to enable the business to identify what was lost and prevent further loss. MKA monitors current government and commercial systems as well as assesses and builds SOC programs across all verticals.

Security Architecture

Understanding the infrastructure, network topography, defense-in-depth methodology and how Security works with IT to establish secure architecture as the defensive line against attacks. MKA does this foundational work to enable SOC visibility and programmatic understanding of weaknesses through its Assessment capabilities.

Vulnerability Management

Creating open dialog and tasking between the SOC, Architecture and IT to enable a clear understanding of the vulnerabilities that exist in the infrastructure, the relation to the current threats and attacks – and how to prioritize the infrastructure, system and application changes that must take place in order to pro-actively protect the business. MKA understands and can articulate the process to make the connections between attacks and vulnerabilities.

Policy and Compliance

Establishing a balanced approach to policy and compliance that supports operational security. These processes must focus first on current attacks, high-risk systems and weaknesses, and then compliance needs. Most importantly – one for many – finding the policy or compliance process that address all operational needs at once. MKA has strength across commercial and government environments creating this balance.

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MKA Leadership

Mischel Kwon is an IT executive with more than 32 years of experience ranging from application design and development, network architecture and deployment, Information Assurance policy, audit and management, technical defensive security, large wireless system security, to building organizational and national level Computer Emergency/Incident Response/Readiness Teams. Ms. Kwon currently serves as the President and CEO of Mischel Kwon Associates, a security consulting firm specializing in Technical Defensive Security, Security Operations and Information Assurance.

Formerly Vice President of Public Sector Security for RSA Security, Ms. Kwon was responsible for leading RSA in assisting the public sector security solutions, strategies, technologies and policy. Ms. Kwon was named the Director for the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) in June 2008 where she spearheaded the organization responsible for analyzing and reducing cyber threats and vulnerabilities in federal networks, disseminating cyber threat warning information and coordinating national incident response activities.

Ms. Kwon brings a unique blend of hands on experience, academic research and training, and a seasoned understanding of how to build operational organizations from inception. Among her successes at the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), where she was Deputy Director for IT Security Staff; she built and deployed the Justice Security Operations Center (JSOC) to monitor and defend the DOJ network against cyber threats.

Ms. Kwon holds a Master of Science in Computer Science and a graduate certificate in Computer Security and Information Assurance. In addition, she serves as an adjunct professor at George Washington University in Washington, DC, where Ms. Kwon also runs the GW Cyber Defense Lab.

Mr. Monti currently focuses on managing technical security services delivery including security architecture, remote monitoring and security program consulting. Mr. Monti assists MKA clients in applying technology to the successful execution of holistic security programs that are focused on protecting the organization’s mission. He draws on over 15 years of IT and Information Security experience in the private and public sector, applying this experience to bring a pragmatic balance to security that is focused on a holistic approach to risk management. Prior to MKA, he served in numerous capacities at NetWitness Corporation as it grew from a small startup to acquisition by RSA Security in 2011.

Mr. Monti supported key commercial and Government customers at NetWitness focusing on deployment design, implementation and operations to enhance situational awareness of security threats on the network. Prior to NetWitness, Mr. Monti supported enterprise financial management systems in the Government space as a system architect/engineer and information system security officer (ISSO).


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Our success at MKA Cyber is 100% due to the diversity, creativity, and leadership of our workforce. Our goal is to ensure our leadership, employees and applicants continue to contribute to our success through their diversity whether it be through their race, color, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, culture, religious and political beliefs, physical challenges, varying viewpoints and approaches – or any other uniqueness.

The combination of diversity and inclusion is an MKA Cyber business strategy that optimizes our employees’ performance, engagement, and productivity, which in turn increases our competitive advantage and creates a better place to work. The perspectives and experiences that our talented employees bring to their work every day drive creativity, innovation, leadership and effective decision-making.

Our focus is on recruiting, hiring, developing, retaining, and advancing the best and the brightest diverse talent.

At MKA Cyber, we accept, respect, and fully embrace the many dimensions of diversity—diversity and inclusion is part of who we are.

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